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The Carnegie Institution for Science is a private organization that conducts basic research for the benefit of humanity.

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— Dan Rather interveiws Chris Field about climate change. The interview was published by the Huffington Post. more »

— “I started out thinking that it was all about information, and if we only got the right information to the right people, then the right things would happen,” Ken Caldeira tells WIRED Magazine." more »

— 50 years after the first U.S. president was warned about climate change, it is "the defining issue of our time," Chris Field told attendees. more »

— “This is humanity as a geologic force,” Ken Caldeira tells the New York Times. “We’re not a subtle influence on the climate system – we are really hitting it with a hammer.” more »

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It turns out that forests in the Andean and western Amazonian regions of South America break long-understood rules about how ecosystems are put together, according to new research led by Greg Asner and published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Their findings could help scientists understand how tropical forests will respond to global climate change. One of forest ecology’s fundamental undertakings has long focused on how tree growth is influenced by a host of environmental factors ranging from soils and elevation to hydrology and climate. These factors create an economy of resources that the trees must exploit through different strategies, some of which are optimized for quick growth while others favor slow growth. more »

Climate assessment must be relevant and useful to policymakers

Climate change assessments must be more relevant to policymakers’ needs, say DGE’s Katharine Mach and Stéphane Hallegatte of the World Bank’s Climate Change Policy Team. In a commentary published by Nature and signed by colleagues, Mach and Hallegatte argue that coming off the Paris agreement late last year, ambition for fighting climate change is high. The authors assert that groups like the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) should capitalize on this increased enthusiasm by integrating studies and presenting their results in ways that are useful to policymakers. more »

Rebecca Albright Honored with 2nd Carnegie “Postdoctoral Innovation and Excellence” Award

Rebecca Albright, a postdoc in the Caldeira lab since 2014, is the latest recipient of the newly formed Carnegie Postdoctoral Innovation and Excellence (PIE) Awards. She has been working on ocean acidification, specifically the effects of ocean acidification on corals and coral reef systems. more »

Ocean acidification takes a toll on California’s coastline at nighttime

A new study, based on the most-extensive set of measurements ever made in tide pools, suggests that ocean acidification will increasingly put many marine organisms at risk by exacerbating normal changes in ocean chemistry that occur overnight. Conducted along California’s rocky coastline, the study from DGE’s Ken Caldeira and Lester Kwiatkowski shows that the most-vulnerable organisms are likely to be those with calcium carbonate shells or skeletons. It is published by Scientific Reports. more »