Environmental science of climate, carbon, and energy


Ken Caldeira
    Ken Caldeira
    Department of Global Ecology
    Carnegie Institution of Washington
    260 Panama St.
    Stanford, CA 94305
    phone: (650) 704-7212


PUBLICATIONS (click for full publication list)

Maximum Warming Occurs About One Decade After a Carbon Dioxide Emission
Nov 2014: Environmental Research Letters
Key Factors for Assessing Climate Benefits of Natural Gas Versus Coal Electricity Generation
Nov 2014: Environmental Research Letters
Solar Geoengineering to Limit the Rate of Temperature Change
Nov 2014: Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society

CH4 and N2O Emissions Embodied In International Trade of Meat
Nov 2014: Environmental Research Letters

Estimating the Contribution of Sea Ice Response to Climate Sensitivity in a Climate Model
Nov 2014: Journal of Climate

Methods For Attributing Land-use Emissions to Products
Aug 2014: Carbon Management


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