2015 - 2016 Seminar Schedule

    (All seminars are on Tuesday at 3:30 pm and are held in theTuring Auditorium, unless otherwise noted)


Date Speaker Affiliation Title
SEP 22 2015
Peter Cox Professor, University of Exeter The terrestrial biosphere and climate change: feedbacks, tipping points and emergent constraints.
OCT 13 2015
Abigail Swann Assistant Professor, University of Washington Drought in a Changing Climate
NOV 3 2015
Carrie Kappel Associate Project Scientist at National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis, University of California, Santa Barbara Confronting ocean tipping points in conservation and management
NOV 17 2015
Petra Tschakert Professor, School of Earth and Environment, The University of Western Australia The social landscape of neglected tropical diseases: A case study of Buruli ulcer in Ghana
DEC 8 2015
Andrew Weaver School of Earth and Ocean Sciences University of Victoria Political Challenges and Opportunities to Climate Change Mitigation: A View from the Front Lines
JAN 12 2016
Peter Kareiva Director, Institute of the Environment and Sustainability, UCLA
JAN 26 2016
Yiqi Luo University of Oklahoma
FEB 2 2016
Max Berkelhammer University of Illinois Chicago
FEB 16 2016
Cynthia Rosenzweig NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies at Columbia University
MAR 29 2016
Julie Klinger Assistant Professor of International Relations, Boston University
APR 5 2016
Anne Dekas School of Earth, Energy and Environmental Sciences, Stanford University
APR 26 2016
Matt Hansen Department of Geographical Sciences, University of Maryland
MAY 10 2016
Susan McConnell, Professor, Biology, School of Medicine, Stanford University
Matthew Scott President, Carnegie Institution


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